Frequently asked questions

How can I trust you?

Buying wedding stuff online can be scary. Trust me - I know! I promise you are in good hands. One difference in me and other stationers is that I actually care about you and your event. I work with each of my brides personally and become invested in your day. After booking with me, I also give brides my personal email and cell phone number incase they need to get ahold of me or have questions that I can answer. I guide my brides through the entire process and let them become as involved (or uninvolved) as they want. If all else fails, I do have a stationary contract (I know it sounds scary) that protects you and ensures you get your items!​

I am interested in the Semi-Custom products - what is the process like to order those?

The Semi-Custom products are amazing! They give you a custom look and feel without having to wait custom times. Custom invitations are available to you at standard time at 4 weeks. You can also rush the orders and have them within 2 weeks. On the products page, you make your selections of paper choice, items needed, ink color, and add all the information you would like added. After its added to your cart and you check out, I will get in contact with you via email to either get addiotnal information or send you your proof. A proof is a digital rendering of your products. After they are approved, they are sent to the printer. After they are printed - they will be shipped to your door. If you have any other questions that haven't been answered, please feel free to reach out!

I am interested in Custom products - what is that process like?

If you are interested in custom wedding invitations - I like to start with my Custom Invitation Questionnaire. After that is submitted, I send you a quote or proposal based off your answers from the questionnaire. Once the numbers are shared away, I ask that you send me your wedding Pinterest board or wedding inspo that you have! I want to know what your wedding day looks like. After I start feeling your wedding day vibe and understand what is important for you, you will receive a custom product design sheet. This design sheet includes your colors, aesthetics, and inspo that you have shared. This isn't necessarily your end design, just a direction that I am going. Once the design sheet is approved - the designing begins! This includes all item design which includes, the making of custom monograms or crests, custom venue drawing, custom pet drawing, types of paper decisions - all the stuff I love and you don't want to think about (I don't know - maybe you do?!). When I feel like the products are in a good spot, I send digital renderings over to you for approvals. After approvals, I send everything to the printers. After everything comes back from the printers, I assembly everything for you, address envelopes, add wax seals - anything extra - and then send your way!

How long does it take to get my custom products

As these items are custom, I can't give a flat promised by date. Each order will be dependent on items and availability. Please reach out to ask and get an idea of when you could get your invitations. FAQ title can be adjusted in the settings tab of the App Settings. You can also remove the title by unchecking its checkbox in the settings tab.


My typical bride for 200 invitations (Invitation, Envelope, Reply Card, Reply Card Envelope, and Details Card) spends around $1,500. Pricing will be dependent on the quantity and additional items requested. Those items might be things like envelope liners, wax seals, or envelope addressing. Please take the Custom Suite Questionnaire to get more detailed pricing for your dream wedding suite.

Do you require a deposit for Custom work

Yes - I require a 50% deposits (50% of your total stationary price). I look for the deposit after I send you your quote/proposal within 5 business days. I also look to have a signed business agreement at the same time the deposit is paid. The deposit helps me pay for items needed to work on your items.

Can I get some samples?

YES! Grab your sample pack here


Errors in Your Prints Every order will come with one proof to approve for printing. It is your responsibility to proofread the proof. Have other people read over the text as well, looking for typos, misspellings, etc. I am not responsible for these types of errors. If you find such errors in your printed pieces, you will be charged for reprinting (and rush fees of necessary). Each order comes with a digital rendering or 'proof'. It is your responsibility to proofread. You should read it, your parents and grandparents should read it, have your partner read it - have everyone read it. I am not responsible for miss printed information or typo's. If you find errors after your pieces have been printed, we will have to reprint and rush fee's may have to be added. Handmade Paper Variances Handmade paper is beautiful and - handmade - this means there will be slight variations in size, paper thickness, print quality and color. The inconsistencies give it an organic feel. Both letterpress and foil print look great on hand made paper, although foil might break off due to the handmade nature of the paper.
Calligraphy Style Variances Calligraphy is not a font, it is handwritten lettering in art form if you will. There will be small variance in the letterforms, spacing, and flourishing. Shipping Shipping costs are not included in your order. They are calculated upon completion of your order and a separate invoice will be emailed to you. Your order is shipped once this final invoice is paid. Returns, Exchanges, & Cancellations I totally understand things happen, if you need to cancel or decide to go in a different direction, no problem. Due to the custom nature of your order, I do not give refunds nor do I accept cancellations or exchanges. Clients are not entitled or any of the 50% deposits after an order has been cancelled.