The Semi-Custom

I'm here to make this process super easy for you!

Check out the step by step process below and as always if you have questions, don't hesitate to reach out!

Design Process

5 Piece.png

Find a suite that fits what you are looking for. Each suite was carefully created to fit different feels for different weddings. If you want to see some of the suites in person, order a sample box and you can see and feel what your suite could look like!

Once you have decided on your favorite suite 

and which pieces you want, it's time for personalization! Pick your paper type, ink color, and add all the information you would like added to your 


Once your order has been submitted, I begin my work!

You will receive a digital rendering of your suite within 2 weeks. If there are any questions about your order, I will reach out. After the digital rendering has been approved, it will be sent to print and mailed to you!


Printing Methods

Piper and Finch currently prints both foil and digital. 

I have been blessed to work with amazing partners who like myself produce high quality products that they would use for their own events. 

See below to get more information about the ways you can get your invitations printed!

Your invitation is taken from a digital rendering and printed through professional ink jet printers. When you feel the invitations, there are no indentations. You will only feel the paper itself. 

Foil printing refers to the metallic sparkly transfer that is pressed with a hot plate onto your invitation. As you move the invitation, you will see the shine. This is offered in different colors. Similar to digital printing, the card will feel flat with no indentations.


Paper Used

Sources from luxury textile vendors, Piper and Finch uses 100% cotton Card Stock for all Semi-Custom Suites. Cotton Card Stock does have a slight texture to it that gives your invitations a luxe feel. 

Piper and Finch offers both Single and Double Ply for Semi-Custom Suites

When placing your order, you will be asked for your selection of paper weight. See below for additional information on paper weights. When choosing the paper weight, it is 100% a personal preference. Order a sample if you'd like to feel it for yourself!

Piper and Finch uses 118 pound weighted cotton card stock for single ply paper.

Piper and Finch uses 236 pound weighted cotton yardstick for double ply paper. It is twice the thickness of single ply.


Ink Colors

Below are all the color choices your suite can be. Please note that all computer (or phone) screens represent colors slightly different. If you would like to see samples of these colors, please order a sample box - be sure to let me know what colors you specifically want to see. 

Screen Shot 2020-12-11 at 11.51.03
Screen Shot 2021-01-26 at 7.56.01 AM.png



be sure to check out all the extra embellishments you can add to your semi-custom suites to make them feel more custom!